Creating an Electron app with Dash

I was looking at this older post Wrapping Dash applications for desktop use and wanted to know if there have been any updates to the question of whether a person can create a dash app that runs in Electron.

Ideally, I would like to not run dash on any of the user’s ports (so you can’t go to, say 8070 and see the app running there in the browser, for instance).

I got the high level overview of one of the answers, but wanted specifics on what keywords or concepts I can search for to start running Dash in an Electron.js app, such that the server with the Dash app feeds directly to the Electron app.


Hello, I have developed and wrapped a dash app for distribution, in a similar way to electron but in a more diy manner.

  • I am using pyinstaller and autopytoexe to package my scripts and all of it’s dependencies.
  • In the package I include a degoogled version of chromium portable
  • When I run my packaged app it launches my dash python script alongside a PWA window of chromium to connect to the app local webserver (this you can achieve with the eel library )

Beware that if you want to do this there is a lot of fine tunning you have to do to make the everything run.
(like google webgl settings, configuring your paths correctly, choosing the right port for your dash app to run, etc. )

But once you get it working it’s magical

have fun!