Create line chart in Gantchart area

Dear All,

I am not yet start to learn Python, but I have a question to experience user.

I found this Ganttchart examples created in Python.
Is it possible to create line in the Ganttchart area (I ilustrated manualy with red line)?

Please advice on how to create the line over the Ganttchart

Wayan S

Hi @wayans

I haven’t tried this but I would imagine that you could add an additional scatter trace to the data on a second y axis line. Relevant docs would be and

Also, you could always open gnatt chart example from the docs and play with it in Plotly’s Chart Studio to give you an idea of how to approach it.

@wayans, Yes, you can plot lines over and under Gantt charts, following the example in this notebook:

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Hello bcd
Hello empet

Your link of samples both give me a clear clue that creating the line over the gantt chart is possible in Phyton, I will try out and might be need more discussion with you if I find problem later.
I still have another preview question about the chart and I will put as new question.
Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,
Wayan S