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Control App Callbacks for Multi-Dropdown

I am using a Dropdown (with multi=True) as a multiple select dropdown.
This dropdown is linked through several app callbacks to computationally expensive/time-consuming processing on multiple dataframes.
Each time I select a single item , the callbacks are fired , slowing me down from selecting multiple items first before any callbacks are initiated.
How can I make the callbacks to get fired only after I select multiple inputs and then click outside the DropDown Component?

I understand I can use a button to facilitate this and use the dropdown element as State instead of Input , but is there an elegant approach to address my problem?

Edit 1 : This is in Python , if that happens to matter

Hi @has_1237, there is a dedicated category in the forums for “Dash”. Could you move this question there? Also, please include code for a minimal example (or starting point) of what you’re trying to accomplish.