Contour Label behaves strange

I have the following issue. My contour data is with different length, i.e. one list has 100 elements, the other has 200, and so on. Most of the len(list) is different for each list. I am plotting contour with:

go.Contour(z=ZData,y=YData, x=XData

This is what I get:
Opera Zrzut ekranu_2021-10-06_160137_localhost

This is fine for me however I noticed, and can not find a way out, that some of the labels are partly hidden, note here (top left and bottom right corner)

Opera Zrzut ekranu_2021-10-06_155629_localhost.
I could not find any dict() option in reference.

Do you have any idea how I can put labels in front so it wont be hidden or set some parameter that will relocate the labels (similar to β€˜force’ param in geom_text_repel() from ggplot2: link).