Compare data on hover : RStudio graph viewer

Hi folks!

first time question - I’m using RStudio, and have installed the plotly library. With a dataframe I wanted to see how it would show up in the plot view and came up with this:

p <- plot_ly(data_toplot, x = data_toplot$Received, y = data_toplot$Approve, name = 'Approval', type = 'scatter', mode = 'lines') %>%
  add_trace(y = data_toplot$Disapprove, name = 'Disapproval', type = 'scatter', mode = 'lines') %>%
title = 'Approval Dates',
xaxis = list(
  title = 'Dates'
yaxis = list(
  title = 'Approval'    )

My question , how to set the ‘compare data on hover’ option to be on by default? When the graph show up, I have to click on the button in the viewer to enable this. I’d very much like to get it to display automatically.

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Hey @robulus

To set the type of hover interactions you can use hovermode in the layout

Could you please give an example ,i can uderstand how to use hovermode to set the ‘compare data on hover’