Commerical Licensing

Hi everyone,

First of all I want to thank the developers of plotly for such an awesome product.

I know this has been asked many times in many different ways, but at my company we’d like to use plotly in the following way:

  • we use RStudio to develop shiny apps and would like to use
  • the shiny apps that result from this will be published to a company-internal website running RStudio Connect (ultimately boils down to hosting websites running plotly.js)

as far as I can tell, we wouldn’t need to use Dash, the API, or any kind of hosting solutions offered. Would our setup require a commercial license? I know a lot of this stuff is open source, but that doesn’t necessarily make it free.

I am not familiar with RStudio, so I might be a little off here and I can’t speak for the creators of Dash / Plotly, but my understanding is that the code is generally available for commercial use. At least these GitHub repos are very clear about plotly / dash being MIT licensed:

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Maybe it would be helpful to ask your question here if it is more related to RStudio: