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Commercial use - Matlab API


We use Matlab for our software development and data analysis. I recently tested Plotly API for Matlab to be able to create plotly figures offline.
We seem to like Plotly, but we are still not sure if we really need it and what can we do before subscribing it.

For now, we would like simply to use it to create offline html plot files. Can we do it for free or are we required to pay for a subscription? Can someone please clarify what are the restrictions that apply?

If, in the future, we would like to distribute to our customers our compiled software, including an option to export the plots to html offline files (using the plotly API), can we do it? Again, what restrictions apply?

Thank you!

I just got an answer from Plotly Business Development & Support:
“The API is open source under the MIT license, so there are no restrictions for commercial use.”