Comments/Text written by dash user

Hey guys, is it possible for the dash user to write a text (I was thinking something simple like a comment), and to store it in some way?

Thanks for all!

Where do you want to store?

Not necessarily store it, but to have some comments and then make a pdf report for example.

You just want to write text on your web app and save it as PDF?

Personally I use pandas df.to_csv(‘data.csv’) or df.to_excel(‘data.xlsx’) for writing and pd.read_csv(‘data.csv’, index_col=0) or pd.read_excel(‘data.xlsx’, index_col=0) to read them.
There are other formats.
Also you can write to cvs directly from python.

Something like this…where the user can make a comment…

This functionality is available as part of Dash Enterprise.

@Emil The link seems to be broken.

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hi @kranthi
Emil’s link seems to be working for me. Dash Enterprise.
Is it still broken for you?