Combining or overlapping volume plots


I’m trying to display some chemistry data the best way possible. Basically I have, for a 3D mesh, the concentration of compounds at every point. At every point, the sum of all concentrations is equal to 1.

If there were only 2 compounds A and B, a single volume plot on the concentration of A would give all the information, since the absence of A would indicate the presence of B.

I’m now trying to find the best way to display in a 3D manner the concentration distribution of a system with 3 compounds. I tried adding go.Volume traces to a figure, each trace corresponding to a different compound with different color scales, ranging from white to red, green or blue, depending on the compound. This, however, didn’t work since the addition of another trace doesn’t “blend” with the previous ones, as it rather replaces it.

Is there a way to achieve what I’m looking for ?