Club bars in bar plot

Is there a way to completely club the bars in Bar plot in go.Bar plot just like a Histogram?

I have a fitter.Fitter instance which does binning based on


but the binning of go.Histogram is totally different and not the same as np.histogram. It says some โ€œniceโ€ binning or smth. I want to plot histogram based on np.histogram and based on documentation of histogram we can only do that using go.Bar chart but bar chart doesnโ€™t club the bars without those murky black lines even with bargap = 0

and this is my histogram plot using go.Scatter with filling color till zero y

I would like to know if theres an simpler way to this and also if theres a way to club bar graphs without any gaps at all


I thought that space was actually bar gap turns out it was marker line being black :pensive:
solved it by giving line width 0
just a curious question for plotly team, why arenโ€™t bar graph line width zero by default? cuz anyone whos wanting a baegap as 0 is just trying for cistom histogram right?