Client-side Callback - Importing Danfo.js (Pandas Equivalent)

Hi lovely people!
I decided to ask for your help after a day trying to figure out how to import Danfo in client-side callback.

First, why did I decide to use client-side ?

My data source has many different levels, basically, information by hour of the day, date, store, product and country.
This data is stored using doc.Store after being jsonyfied, then -in my server side implementation- a callback triggered by some Dash components deserializes the file and carries out the filtering, calculations and aggregations. The a figure is send back to be displayed in the Dash app.
Of course we are talking about thousands of rows, so in every trigger the data is sent to server, transformed and the the figure is sent to the front. Very expensive procedure.

What am I looking for?
I’m trying to implement client-side callbacks in order to avoid the data transferring, yielding a notorious high performance.
Basically the filtering, calculations and aggregations will be executed in JavaScript.

What’s my problem ?
In order to efficiently handle the data, I’d like to use a JS library, Danfo.js, which is the JS equivalent for Pandas, but I don’t know how to import this library inside the callback JS function, I almost have no JS knowledge , but I can scratch and struggle with your help.

I’d appreciate any help in order to handle the data in an efficient way under JS.

Thanks in advance.

Have you considered storing the data server side instead?