Manipulating dataframe inside client-side callback

I’m trying to make my app more responsive using client-side callbacks. Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with JavaScript, and I need to be able to do client-side manipulations on the data, which is held in a dataframe. For example, I’d like to divide one column by another and display the result, all client-side.

Are there any resources that can help me to do this? I’ve been using Clientside Callbacks | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly but I’m not clear what form my dataframe takes once it appears client-side, so I don’t really know where to start for manipulating it. Any pointers greatly appreciated!

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Hi! @pintail !

I was wondering if you could get any clue how to manipulate the data like a data frame inside a client side callback?
Please, I’d appreciate if you could see my question here Danfo.js - Dataframe for client side callback
Thanks in advance!

In the end I moved to just using plotly.js rather than Dash, avoiding the clientside callbacks. I think if you’re doing most of the work clientside then it doesn’t really make sense to use Dash.

I ended up getting the same conclusion…let me ask you something, hoe do you handle the data in JS? Is there something like Pandas to work with? I don’t know about plotly.js capabilities , I guess you are using other modules to manipulate data.

I’m afraid this isn’t my area of expertise. I haven’t been using any particular modules but I’m sure they exist. A quick google suggests several pandas-like modules exist, but I haven’t tested any of them.