Clicking on violin plot, I get same id(first from array) every time

Hello guys, Im use plotly js for display violin plot, and want to show info about some entity, based on violin data, i mean, that y axis values, it is array of ids of some entity, but when I click on plot I get same id(first from array) every time

const ids = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];

          type: 'violin',
          y: ids,
          points: 'all',
          pointpos: 0,
          box: {
            visible: true,
          boxpoints: true,
          line: {
            color: lineColor,
          opacity: 0.6,
          meanline: {
            visible: true,
          scalemode: 'width',
          x: 'some ttile',
          name: 'some ttile',
          title: 'some ttile',
          hoveron: 'kde',
          hoverinfo: 'x+y',
          customdata: ids

Hey @daressel welcome to the forums!

Could you add some information and show us what you tried so far?

Hi, it was my misunderstanding.
I use hoveron: 'kde' and expected that it will work for points also
So I just need use hoveron: 'points'