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ClickData to update DataTable

I have built a tabbed app that used a hidden Div for a data table. It included 2 bar charts, which were intended to be clickable. Clicking the 1st bar chart would update the 2nd bar chart. Clicking the second bar chart would update the DataTable. Whenever I add a callback that updates the datatable, using clickData, the app breaks and will not display the barCharts or the DataTable. The loading state will also remain “loading” or greyed out.

Even if I change the callback to simply print clickData, and not update the DataTable, the app still breaks.

I am using verbatim code from the Das user guide. Is there a known issue with clickData? I am using Datatable 3.1.4.

My second issue is conditional formatting of the DataTable. Highlighting a row and column works effortlessly. Using the “eq” function breaks the app. Again, I am using verbatim code from Dash bnb user guide.

Also, I have duplicated the app into a single page with no dcc.tabs due to the issues being reported with tabs. Still does not work

Thoughts? I can post code if need be.