ClickData for any point in a Mesh3d object

Hello, i´m currently working with .stl data and succesfully implemented the .stl mesh into plotly. One thing that would be really nice is to be able to click anywhere in the 3d mesh and get the corrresponding x,y and z axis. As far as i know it is no problem to get the x,y and z data of the points the mesh is constructed from. Since there are some (flat) surfaces in the 3d mesh that barely have points, it would be bettet to get the x,y and z data for any point on the 3d mesh the user is clicking on. As an example here is a picture of an .stl file I implemented into plotly. As an example I want to get the x,y and z data from from where the red cross is intersecting the 3d mesh. It would be amazing if somebody had an idea.