Click to change Ytick text/position? Feature request?

I made a scatter plot that has strings for Y axis labels (Yticks?). I figured out how to make it as I wanted, but it involved a little more “for loop” writing than I had planned. I ended up making 6 arrays (3 numeric, 3 strings) instead of 2 arrays (1 number, 1 string) as I had originally.

I was thinking there might be a way to make this easier in the future by letting people click to change Ytick text interactively. Not sure that would have totally solved my issue without the extra “for loop” writing, but just thought I’d mention this. The other interactive idea would have been to be able to click and drag the position of the Y text. I think that would have let me plot my data from 2 arrays instead of 6.

The closest example I found was the OECD Country plot here.
The idea would be to make it possible to reorder the countries by clicking/dragging the text, say to see the data ordered by year (not a great example, but maybe you get an idea of what I mean).