Click events python offline

HI all,

I read about click events of the python API.

I will try to be as clear as possible.

I’m developing a plugin in QGIS ( that will take the attributes of geographic data and use them as input for some plotly charts.

What I need is to know if it is possible to have a “back signal” of the points (or lines or whatever) selected with the lazo selection button.

I’m trying to create a dinamic response between QGIS map canvas and the html file produced by plotly. So that the user can select points on the plot and they will be selected also on the map canvas (and viceversa).

One idea is to use the lazo selection and get some information (point unique ID for example) and re-inject it so that QGIS will display the selected points on the map canvas.

Is there any chance to obtain a kind of signal of the plots selection and use it?

Thanks to all