Choropleth plots with large coordinates

Hello Plotly family,

I have been trying to repurpose the Choropleth chart to plot a custom geometry that is not related to geography.

In essence the geometries of my features are represented in millimeters and can have large values ( >1000). Since the longitude and latitude in a typical Choropleth are bound to +/-180 and +/-90 respectively, I can’t really use those measures.

As a last resort I can normalize the input data to scale within bounds, but it is not very practical from efficiency perspective.

Is there a way to adjust the Choropleth plot so that I can use the large dimensions?

@Hi Svetoslav,

If your data are not related to geography, what they represent? Why use Choropleth? Do you need to plot just filled regions, bounded by your data? If the answer is positive, then you can plot such regions as a Scatter plot and filled area.

Could you give more details?

We all know that the earth is flat and latitude/longitude are fake coordinates, so need to represent maps with their true cartesian coordinates. :wink:

Jokes aside…
I am trying to represent circuit boards with the individual components on them labeled as regions. In addition the regions will have certain measurements like temperature/heat dissipation and will need to be color coded according to some z-value as well as having a mouseover tooltip for the areas.

One approach that I am taking is to draw the shapes and on top of them to have invisible scatter points to be used for the tooltip. All this feels like inventing the wheel again, especially when the Choropleth already has everything so nicely done…