Choropleth maps at zip code level

I did not see an option to create choropleth maps at zip code level. Is there a workaround?

Not at the moment, unfortunately.
I see few examples here. Are they lat lon level?

@sukhada.kulkarni yes, those are lat / lon coordinates.

If you know Python or R and have the appropriate geojson file, you can create county-level choropleths by following this method:

Thank you, I was able to follow the able link to get county level plot. In the same way, city level is also possible but the geoJSON data does not have border and shows as a pin.

On another topic, was anyone able to add hover information and filter for above county level plot?

Here’s a short Jupyter notebook tutorial for creating US county-level choropleth maps in Python with D3.js:

A few examples of the output can be found here (take a few seconds to load):

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Cleaned things up a bit so that the maps load faster and the rough edges on weather map are trimmed: