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Choropleth layout

is it possible to customize the height/width of a choropleth map if created with ff.create_choropleth??
I have a function that returns a fig which contains a choropleth drawn with ff.create_choropleth. I then use what is returned as the value for the figure property on a dcc.Graph component. The map is bigger than the six columns I have assigned to the dcc.Graph and I can’t find a way to change the layout through ff.create_choropleth, should i rewrite so that the function returns data and layout ??

in helper functions file (

def render_county_choro():
    fig = ff.create_choropleth(
        fips=fips, values=values, scope=['CA'],
        binning_endpoints=[14348, 63983, 134827, 426762, 2081313], colorscale=colorscale,
        county_outline={'color': 'rgb(255,255,255)', 'width': 0.5}, round_legend_values=True,
        title='California Counties', showlegend=False,
    return fig

in main file (

dcc.Graph(id='choro-map', figure = components.render_county_choro()) 
], className = 'six columns' )