Choose a bold version of Open Sans for template titles

I try to set my themes and I’d like all my titles to be bold. The generic way of calling Open Sans Bold is ‘Open Sans Bold’ but when i try to set up my theme with this kind of denomination, it’s not resolving and displays a default font :

pio.templates['custom_white'] = dict(
    layout=go.Layout(title=dict(font_size=22, font_family='Open Sans Bold'), etc.

Any idea on how to call this Open Sans Bold ?

Many thanks


With the above template definition, when you define fig.layout, pass title_text like this:
title_text = '<b>Your title</b>'
and it will be displayed with a bold font and all other font attributes, set in your template definition.

Ah thank you, I’m slightly biaised since I come from a design background, I hope a finer management of font faces will be one day possible in the fig.layout class !

Thank you again