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Charts not rendering on webpage

Hi there,

Since the December update to plotly.js the charts embedded on our webpage aren’t rendering properly.

As an example, see

When the page loads, these charts are blank and squashed with not data included. The Chrome console is showing errors of the following form:

32645b6ca510.js:1 Error: attribute height: A negative value is not valid. ("-30")
i @ 32645b6ca510.js:1

It is possible to get the chart to display by dragging on the chart area and using the Box Selection.

We have >50 charts on our webpage and could really do with some advice on how to make sure they’re displaying properly.

Thanks for the report.

Looks like something is off with our embed code. We’ll look into it.

Hello again,

This may have been a result of our web content management system modifying the HTML used to insert the chart. As a quick fix, we replaced all the <html and <script blocks with <iframes and the charts seem to be displaying correctly now.

Please let us know if you have found any issues at your end which will affect our charts in future.