Changing the value format on last branch only of sunburst chart

Hi everyone,
I am trying to build a sunburst chart that has the value amounts on the last branch formatted like this “$2345.89”. I have tried using texttemplate but that changes all of my branches to display the format change. I have also tried to use textinfo but that causes the last branch to display the number twice. Is this possible to do?

elif tabs2 == ‘annual_hydro_total_cost’:
sunbursthydrocost = px.sunburst(sb, path=[‘customer’, ‘city’, ‘street_address’, ‘annual_hydro_total_cost’],
values=‘annual_hydro_total_cost’, color=‘annual_hydro_total_cost’, width=790,
height=550, template=“simple_white”,
Annual Hydro Cost: %{value:$,.2f}
sunbursthydrocost.update_layout(coloraxis_colorbar_title=“Annual Hydro Cost”,
hoverlabel=dict(bgcolor=“orange”, font_size=14, font_family=“Roboto Slab”),
font_family=“Roboto Slab”, title_font_size=20)
return html.Div([
Thank you!