Changing the SVG icon from a camera to a download icon

Is there a way to change the default camera icon in the mode bar layout to that of a download icon without tampering with the download capability ? Also is there a way to make it solid and not have to appear only during hover ?


You can have the modebar always display using the displayModeBar config option. See for info on displayModeBar. And see for info on how to pass config option through the Python API.

While it’s possible to add custom buttons with custom icons through the JavaScript API (See Adding a button to "modeBarButtons" with cutom image), this isn’t possible through the Python API right now.

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Thanks for the help @jmmease :+1:

For those who are interested, I managed to add a custom download icon in R plotly. Since the work is done in javascript it may be possible to use this approach in python?

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Please advise whether this can be done in Python.I tried below but its not working