Change xaxis minor tickformat for datetime labels

Hi, here is a simple example:

x = pd.date_range('2022-01-01', periods=24*7, freq='1H')
y = list(range(0, len(x)))
fig = go.Figure()
fig.add_trace(go.Scatter(x=x, y=y))

fig.update_xaxes(tickformat='%e. %b %H:%M', tickangle=45, 
                 minor=dict(ticklen=6, tickcolor="black", tickmode='auto', nticks=10, showgrid=True))

Is it possible to label only the minor ticks with ‘%H:%M’ ? If i try to set a tickformats=‘%H:%M’ in the minor dict it says to me that this parameter does not exist.

Thanks :wink: