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Change type in dashbio.Clustergram from 'heatmap' to 'heatmapgl'

I use plotly.make_subplots() where my second plot is built in the following way:
clustergram = dashbio.Clustergram(
# column_labels=list(df_clustergram.index),
# row_labels=list(df_clustergram.columns),
‘row’: 21000,
‘col’: 395



fig.add_trace(clustergram.data[0], 2, 1)

As far as I have many values on y axis I want to change default ‘heatmap’ type of clustergram to ‘heatmapgl’ but when I write fig.data[1][‘type’] = ‘heatmapgl’ it returns error with explanation that it is ‘readonly’ property. Is here any way I can do it?