Change root container color

How can I change the root container color? i tried root_color and marker_colors, neither work.

# Function template for treemap graphs
def treemap_temp(categories, title, path, values, colors):
    fig = px.treemap(categories, path=path, values=values, color=colors, 
    height=700, title=title, color_continuous_scale=['lime', 'red'])[0].textinfo = 'label+text+value'

cities = df['City'].unique()

# Preparing the graph data
number_cities = df["City"].value_counts()
values = number_cities.values
categories = pd.DataFrame(data=number_cities.index, columns=["City"])
categories['Reported Crimes'] = values

# Plotting the data
        "Crime Intensity in Montgomery Cities",
        categories['Reported Crimes'],
        categories['Reported Crimes'])

Thanks for your time and help



it changes nothing bro

here’s the CSV if u wanna try it yourself

Adding px.Constant(" "), will change the colour but you can’t specify it as it’s from the colour scheme.

It just doesn’t work with color_continuous_scale. You can either make it using a discrete colour sequence or choose a different colour scheme.

import pandas as pd
import as px

df = pd.read_csv('Crime_Dataset.csv', low_memory=False)

city_crime_counts = df.groupby('City', as_index=False).size()
city_crime_counts.rename(columns={'size': 'Reported Crimes'}, inplace=True)

fig = px.treemap(city_crime_counts, path=[px.Constant("Montgomery"), 'City'], values='Reported Crimes', color='Reported Crimes', 
    height=700, title="Crime Intensity in Montgomery Cities", color_continuous_scale='RdBu_r')

Unfortunate that I have to pick between those two.

I changed the color scheme, so now the root container doesn’t look out of place anymore

Thanks for your help @TARpa