Change Label for Plotly Sankey Chart

Hi there,

Recently I am working on creating a Sankey chart. I wanted to leverage clickData property in callback to return some properties in data. For example, I want to get ‘source’ and ‘target’ when clicking on a trace. However, below is what I got from clickData. Can someone help me understand what is pointNumber in the below dict and how to get source and target info?

Also, is there an option to control what is showing on the hover over? it only has three options ‘skip | none | all’. Can I only have ‘source’ in label but not ‘target’ and ‘value’?


{‘points’: [{‘pointNumber’: 43, ‘label’: ‘test’, ‘color’: ‘rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2)’, ‘concentrationscale’: None, ‘value’: 1, ‘index’: 43, ‘width’: 2.2222222222222223, ‘y0’: 3.3333333333415416, ‘y1’: 1.1111111111193677, ‘concentrationOut’: 1, ‘concenrationIn’: 0.3333333333333333, ‘curveNumber’: 0, ‘originalEvent’: {‘isTrusted’: True}}]}

Hi! pointNumber' is the positional index of the node in the list of source data of your chart. Eg, your node.labelornode.colorlists, or sankey essential listslink.source,, link.values`. You can retrieve required data from your source data.