Change font color when editing a cell in dash aggrid

HI Dash community:

Is there away to change the font color when the cell is being edited? Thanks.
For example, in the snapshot below, the font color is in dark grey, is there a way to change to a different color?

Hello @entropy_l,

Try adjusting it in the cellEditorParams, something like this:

cellEditorParams: {'style': {'color': 'red'}}
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hmm I don think this works.

by inspecting the input element in the browser, you can style it by adding this the .css file in the assets folder:

.ag-theme-alpine input[class^=ag-] {
    color: red !important;

This works now, thank you so much.
Just a context why I am looking for it.
In AG Grid, am trying to colorize the cells that are editable into the same background color of Excel ( the light orange ). However, my app’s background is black.
Hence, the font color in those editable cells are black – which is natural and friendly to the eye.
Now, if in the edit , it is still using black font color, people doesn’t know what they edit until hit enter. That is why I reached out to ask. Thank you so much for the answers.