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Cannot save or reopen surface plot, nor update data for surface plot

the only way I can find to create a surface plot is to click the ‘+New’ button on organize page, select grid, then ‘add data’ importing csv file created in excel, then choose chart type as surface plot, then setting y axis on first column, z axis on other columns, x axis as first row of data, then click the 3D surface plot button. The plot comes up, I make changes, then if I logout/close browser, I cannot get the chart back again without doing all steps over again.

In help page it explains that from plot I return to organize, update the data grid related to the chart, change data, and reopen the chart and the data is updated. None of the data grids in my organize are updatable - says they are read-only datagrids.

Can somone do a detailed instructions for how this basic functionality can be made to work, or if not, fix this bug?