Plotly.js surfaceplot refreshing data in time

Hi, I have a problem to update data in 3d surface plot in plotly JS. I would like to build 3d surface plot, which will be updated with new data in time (like a streming data). How should I do it correctly to update data in the plot without a refreshing setting of the camera?


I would like to build smh like -> surface plot. There I can change data in the array (like excel) to automatically refresh the plot. How to do smh like this?

Calling restyle (as in shouldn’t reset the camera. currently uses newPlot so yeah the camera position is reset.

@etienne Thank you for your response, yes I tried restyle() with resetting camera position. But here it works properly - so maybe it is possible to do it?

So how to do it like this?

Hi again, any suggestions?

Can you clarify what you’re asking again.

I think I replied to

Is there anything else?

Animation worked for me.