Candlestick per-candle color from Pandas OHLC dataframe column/np array

I’m processing some financial data and wanted to implement the Elder Impulse system on OHLC data in a Pandas dataframe. This very basically colors candles red in a downwards momentum, green in upwards, and blue where there is market indecision.

So i created a dataframe column with the candle color as computed by the Elder impulse system, but it seems i cannot feed the column/array for the candles.
The parameter increasing_line and decreasing_line in the Candlestick chart accepts only what seems to be a single color for all increasing candles, and for all decreasing candles, instead of accepting a per candle color as defined in a numpy array/dataframe column.
Just to be clear, i was feeding the entire color column to both increasing_line and decreasing_line since the colors are computed elsewhere.

Is there any known workaround for this?
I suspect this very same issue and desired behaviour is mentioned in this thread, Multiple colors on candlestick graph
and specifically this one:
How do I make special candles a different color?