Candlestick hovering info


default hovering info in candlestick plot show only the High values.
How could I do to show also Low, Open and Close values?
Both OHLC way (one hover per data) or Python way (one hover with all data) would be fine,
looking trought APIs didn’t find anything…


Hmm. That shouldn’t be. I’m seeing open/high/low/close values on

Can you share a screenshot?

Thank you for the code sample, I was using apis from the examples in, which have different PlotlyFinance javascript source and use different api…

I have changed my code, now I see values, but not a full legend (which is high, low, etc…) so how could I customize hoovering ?
Also i’d like to customize colors and make Y axis zoomable (tryed with layout.yaxis.fixedrange: false but didn’t work)…
In other words, do you know if is there some documentation available for ohcl and candlestick types?