Can you hide a streaming trace among several?


I have a plot with several streaming traces. I want to essentially hide 1 of them while the others still run.

I need to still send the data of the trace I want to hide ( because I use it to update the x/time axis at a regular interval ).

Anyway to do this via CSS or some trick like that ?


You can trying setting visible: false in the trace object in question.

OK, that seems to give the effect i want !

So you know…i was trying to accomplish the following: i have several embedded iframe streaming plots on 1 page. I want each to be on the same running time window ( x-axis is time ). Unfortunately, some of the data is intermittent in time…which means sometimes some graphs don’t update while others do. To work around this, I have a fake trace for each graph which updates regularly. So…that’s why I want to hide that trace.