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Can you add Azure AD login with flask oauth or flask oidc?

I know it’s a selling point for Dash Enterprise but in an open source project I’m trying to implement authentication on a Dash app. I need to find a Dash code example that I can try out and just learn from it.

It should be possible by using server = Flask(… and app = Dash(server=server, but I encounter problems that are very hard for me to troubleshoot, “not authorized” or “too many redirects”… I tried flask-oidc but no luck. I wouldn’t even know how to ask for help on the error so I just stick with it but now I’m almost out of ideas and even time on the project.

Is there a fundamental thing I’m missing? Is a Dash app fundamentally incompatible with the authorization code flow?

No, Dash is perfectly compatible. It’s just a little tedious to setup. I implemented a small lib for Keycloak (which supports most authentication mechanisms, I used LDAP), maybe it could inspire

I actually tried your package out when I first started, I learned a lot from it! I might use it later when I have enough requirements for a broker server to justify hosting it. Thanks!

Do you have any advice on the way to secure different callback-loaded pages in a multi-page Dash? I think we use flask routes in most Flask oauth/oidc packages to require login. Should I keep it like that or develop a “require login” attribute that works with the callback functions?