Can we preserve ui when updatemenu buttons are clicked?

In this gh issue there was a conversation about supporting persistence for ui changes made in updatemenus. The decision was to forego since there was doubt anyone would be interested in the persistence feature via updatemenus.

I beg to differ.

I think there are quite a few real applications for this. For example, in the chart below, I would like the legend selections to persist when changing the updatemenu. In this case, the selection would reset when I switch the menu above.

I get that using dash components/callbacks is the convention here, but I think the updatemenus have their pros. Specifically:

  1. They look very elegant “as is” without having to introduce any HTML/css overhead
  2. Updates are instantaneous since all traces are already predefined.
  3. This makes it possible to create a standalone html div within a webpage where embedding a whole dash application would be overkill.