Can I translate English tutorial into Japanese one?


I am thinking I will be translating English tutorial for Dash into Japanese one. This is not for my business but for potential users and me.

Dash is incredibly great and I would like to share how Dash is great with Japanese potential users.

I am afraid I would violate copyright if I translate without permission. Can I translate as long as I do not violate MIT license?

I hope I will be able to get some suggestions to my idea.

Thanks in advance.


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That would be great @ksnt! It would be great to have the tutorial on the same domain as the Dash docs just under a separate language ulr like or something.

I worry a bit about the docs getting out-of-sync but I suppose that users can always switch back and forth. Also, I suppose that I will be able to tag you and hopefully other Japanese users when I add new content and copy. Also, we can fallback to english content if the japanese translation isn’t available yet.

The Dash documentation ins here: It’s written in… Dash :slight_smile: We’ll have to refactor some of the code in order to handle multiple languages. Right now, each page sets a layout variable. I suspect that we’ll need to just change each of those variable assignments into functions that take a language parameter, and pass that parameter through from the URL. Here is an example:

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@ksnt - Is there anything that I can do to help you out here?

Thank you for your message, Chris!

I already translated some parts of tutorial as raw Markdown files. I have to learn a little more about Dash to merge my Japanese version tutorial into your official English document on github.

If you do not mind, first I would like to temporarily upload my markdown files in my github repository (I do not mind if it is not my repository, of course! Document is not for me but for everyone!). I think I will be able to rewrite Japanese tutorial in a Dash way in the near future.

Sure! Once they are uploaded, I might be able to help show you how they will fit into the Dash docs as well.


Sorry for no news for such a long time. I have just translated all parts (6 chapters) in Tutorial.

I am working on this project here:

Feel free to use (download, merge, fork, copy&paste, etc) for your sake!

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I am getting to know how to use Dash so I think I will be able to merge these markdown files into official document application using Python, but I do not mind if someone else will do. I think we can easily use my translation for merging to write some codes like Chris did such as

if lang == 'en':
elif lang == 'jp':

However, I am afraid of an error message from Circle CI in jp branch. If this message is trivial, we will be able to put my words into official tutorial very easily. The message seems to be occuring becaese test is not passed for python2.7.

Wow, this is amazing @ksnt! I’ll try to dedicate some time this week to integrating this into the official dash docs repo. I’ll check back in here in a week!

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