Can I remove Carriage Return character('\r') from text pasted in input fields inside dash datatable as soon as the input is provided?

Hi All,
There are input fields inside my editable datatable. If I paste text containing Carriage Return character(‘\r’) inside these input fields, the text after carriage return moves to the next row in the datatable.

However, I want to process the user input as soon as it is pasted to remove the line break character. So, that it becomes a single comment and does not move to the next row.

@adamschroeder :Can you please have a look and advise?

Hi @anuj_tiwari
I was able to replicate the behavior where pasting the below two lines of code into a dataTable cell will end up splitting into two cells. Unfortunately, this behavior is part of the UI and cannot be altered.

this is text1.
this is text2

@adamschroeder thanks for the update.