Can I have a `clientside_callback` depend on an input that "maybe" not exist on the page yet?

If it doesn’t exist “yet”, I’m fine its property returns '', null, etc

Hello @stdedos,

Yes, this is possible.

You can suppress the callback exception and also prevent_initial_call, however. If you have an input that does exist and an input that doesnt exist, you will have errors.

But … suppress_callback_exceptions is a thing of Not clientside_callback?

prevent_initial_call in my very specific case does not help a lot - but I can see how that could help otherwise

It is part of the callback definition, therefore it would also apply to how the renderer works on the client.

I tried suppress_callback_exceptions and I didn’t see much difference. Probably because, also according to docs (I think) it does not suppress issues with “unconnected I/O”. might be useful, but that would mean a little too much work right now

If this didnt work, then things like pattern-matching callbacks would fail.

Can you please present the MRE for what isnt working?