'suppress_callback_exceptions' not working

Hi all,

So I have been working on this dashboard for quite a while now and it is getting more complicated over time. I now want to make a callback that switches tabs depending on different inputs. As I can only have one callback for this output ‘active-tab’, I have to put all the inputs in this callback as well. Problem is that most of these inputs aren’t generated yet, as described here.

The problem is that suppress_callback_exceptions hasn’t been working for me for a while now. Up to now it just generated annoying errors, but everything was working fine. But now I really need to suppress this in order to make the callback working.
When searching for this error, I found various topics on Stackoverflow and on this forum, but I haven’t seen (m)any answers. Is it more known why this sometimes happens and what can be done about it?

The whole app is too much to share here, but I have tried all the obvious ways like here. But it keeps throwing the error ‘A nonexistent object was used in an Input of a Dash callback.’ at me.

Any ideas are much appreciated!

Edit: ok so while creating this topic I came across this solution which uses pattern matching indexes. I’m still working on it, but it seems to work better that way, although I’m not sure why this works.

Hello @JordyS,

Yes, I would have suggested pattern-matching to help you, especially with the same exact functionality across the inputs.

Pattern-Matching works as a wildcard, so that you dont need to have the input available (because it can be 100 or 0 that are in the layout)

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