Can I have a callback for an html.Table (or dbc.Table) that fires when any cell is clicked?

I just need the callback function to get the cell id (or row id, column id) as an argument.

I looked at using a pattern-matching callback, but apparently a unique matching output field is mandatory for every input. The callback in this case doesn’t have an output for each cell, clicking on a cell loads content in other tabs. But you can’t use pattern-matching on the input for a callback with a shared (non pattern-matching) output as far as I can tell.

I had this working with a DataTable but it looks like there’s no way to style a cell based on the contents of the cell, when the value is a string and you have to look up the style in a table (or call a function) based on the value of the string. With an html.Table this is very simple, just generate the css classes for each cell based on the cell value as the cell is rendered.

I’m completely stuck here. I can get some things working with a standard html.Table (cell styling), and other things working with a DataTable (callback triggered on active_cell, plus the nice features of DataTable like sorting). I’d prefer to get this working with html.Table because it makes styling so much simpler. Thanks for any help.

Could you elaborate why this is not working with style_data_conditional? Is it because you want to change classes instead of passing the style inline?