Can different traces in a point cloud always be scaled to the same size?

Hi. I’m using point cloud to plot a large number of points. It looks perfect when visible points are evenly distributed in each trace. However, when I pan the graph or zoom in, so that the number of visible points is unbalanced between different traces, the graph start looking weird. The more rare a category is, the bigger the points in it look. It seems like a feature. Can’t I just disable it and make all traces scale simultaneously? Thank you in advance!

BTW, I have already set both sizemin and sizemax to 30.

Thanks for writing in.

Unfortunately no. This was a design decision we made in order to make pointcloud rendering “extra” fast.

I would recommend using scattergl traces if you want more marker style options and you don’t mind the slight performance cost.

Awesome! scattergl works perfectly. Thank you very much!