Callback to store geojson

Hello, I am making an app with dash to display maps, the idea is that the client (frontend) can create a polygon with edit_control, and from the backend it can capture those polygons created by the client, I have the following code, but it paints the polygon on the map and what I want is to store them in a dl.GeoJSON to work them just and need, I hope you can help me, thank you very much.

 Creamos el control del mapa para creacion manual de los poligonos

pol_man = dl.FeatureGroup([dl.EditControl(id="edit_control")])

# Como renderizamos el geojson.

point_to_layer = assign("""function(feature, latlng, context){

    const p =;

    if(p.type === 'circlemarker'){return L.circleMarker(latlng, radius=p._radius)}

    if(p.type === 'circle'){return, radius=p._mRadius)}

    return L.marker(latlng);


poly_data = html.Div(dl.GeoJSON(id="info_geo"))

# Codigo que realiza la captura el poligono marcado

@app.callback(Output("info_geo", "data"), Input("edit_control", "geojson"))

def mirror(x):

    if not x:

        raise PreventUpdate

    return x