Callback takes too long, then dash get refreshed.(I don't want this)

when I press the button, the models load and do inference. then the results are processing.
but the time is too long for waiting Dash. (dash get refreshed. it is the first time for me)
how ever all the code are done. but it refreshed that it goes back to before I pushed button.

I want dash to wait for callback is done.

help me! you genius guys !!

I checked my dash, then I noticed it was not for the timeā€¦
the callback was done. (the graph was updated)
then, it got just refreshed.

why??? does anybody get like this problem ?


For long running callbacks try:

However, dash refreshing after 15 seconds sounds odd. Are you seeing any errors? Can you create a minimal example that reproduces the issue?

thanks for replying !
then, background callback means that we put the delay when the callback is running?
in my case, callback takes how much long time, I want to make it waits.