Callback kept at 'Updating'

I have a very long callback that mostly runs successfully to the last line returning a large dash_pivottable item. However, a lot of the time - it seems like it takes forever for the dash app to load it. I tested it locally and it works reasonably - and sometimes when I expose it to other users, the same thing could happen occasionally.

Would like to see how I can work on that?


HI @pp123123 welcome to the forums.

Are you using background callbacks for this? At least you could show a dcc.Loading() or dbc.Spinner() while the callback is executed.

I am currently already using a dcc.Loading() so that I can see that it is running - but it seems like sometimes it is just getting stuck. Do you think background callbacks can solve the issue?


Hard to tell without knowing anything of your architecture. But you might run into timeouts as described in the link I posted above.

I would just try the background callbacks.

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