Callback not triggering in Dash

I’m having some issues building my dashboard. It seems that no matter what I do I can’t get my callback to trigger when I update the datepicker.

Output(component_id='graph_output', component_property= 'figure'),
 [Input(component_id='daterange_input', component_property='start_date'),
 Input(component_id='daterange_input', component_property='end_date')]
def update_figure(start_date,
    graph_df = bucket_df[(bucket_df['jobsdate'] >= start_date) & (bucket_df['jobsdate'] <= end_date)]

return {'data':[go.Scatter(x=graph_df['jobsdate'],

Can anyone help with this issue?

PS How exactly do Inputs in the callback decorator align with inputs to the update function? Do you need to use special names in the parameters or is it just based on order (first input in the list = first parameter of the function)?

Thank you!

It’s based on order.

Does the example here: DatePickerRange | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly work for you?