App.callback not working properly

Hey guys,

I’m trying to build a dashboard with two Input fields and several graphs. Those inputs should then be used to update four graphs. While the first two outputs, connected to the first input, are working as expected the latter is not working at all. Could you tell me whether this part of the code looks alright so I can go on to check other parts?

Thanks a lot!

Hey there,

In the last input, you should have used component_property="value" and not “value2”. “value2” is not a property of your selector, but “value” is. The relationship between your inputs in the decorator and the function variables is purely based by order (first Input matches first variable and so on).

As an aside, please make sure to share your code in questions not from a screenshot, but as a formatted code block (using triple quotes “```”). It makes it easier to read and copy it if needed.