Call a callback from another callback

I have a map and datatable component in the layout that is update by a callback. The datatable is editable and the user can add new information to the new table. Upon the click event of update table

I have two callbacks, one for updating the map and another one for datatable. The update to datatable is addition of new row.

What I’d like to do is, check for this new addition of row, and re-run the map callback which to update the map-graph.

Can I run another callback from a callback or run some lines of code inside another callback? or check for a change in property of datatable?

Trying to figure out a elegant and efficient way of doing this.

layout = html.Div([

                # Plot map

                # DataTable


                                   {"id":"space","name": "space"}],


                # Update map
                dbc.Button("Update map", id="update-map", className="mr-1"),

                # Update Table
                dbc.Button("Update table", id="update-table", className="mr-1")


     # Callbacks 

    # Update map
    @app.callback(Output("map-graph", "figure"),
                          [Input("update-map", "value")])
    def updatemap(value):

         do something

         return value

    # Update table
    @app.callback(Output("table", "data"),
                          [Input("update-table", "value")])
    def updatetable(value):

         do something

         # Run the code inside previous callback which updates the map. 

         return rows

No, that is not possible. You will have to merge the two callbacks into one, as you can only target an output by one callback.