Calendar weeks in ISO formating not possible

Hello community,

I want to configure the x axis to date format like 2018CW04.
In case I use this one:
xaxis = list(title=“Date”,
rangeslider = list(type = “date”),
tickformat=("%Y CW %W"))
The date will start with Week “00” which is wrong.


I had a look through several postings here the formatting with %V was mentioned for “%V - ISO 8601 week of the year as a decimal number [01, 53].”
(Posting: “How to make the messy date ticks organized”)

But this will show “V” in the slide instead of the week number.


Am I doing something wrong?

Dear Sir Ed.

No, you are not doing something wrong

The %V options is only added recently to d3

The current plotly is only running on version 3.5.12 (Dec 17, 2015) :frowning:

Update for d3 seems not been moving fast

I don’t expect this functionality soon.

Though you can make it work when converting the dates yourself.

Cheers, Andries

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