Calculate multiple table column values stored in dictionary


New to dash and trying to look for examples that are relevant. I am transitioning a spreadsheet to a dash app. The spreadsheet calculates multiple table column values against a core table column. My initial approach–starting attempts–is to use a dictionary of all the other dataframes but I’m struggling to figure out how to reference all the tables and columns in one-shot for the calculation. Any guidance or examples/samples is certainly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @dsldashpl32 and welcome to the forum!

Interesting question but it will be hard to help you without the data and code. Could you be more specific? But at the first sight it seems to me that you should load your data into pandas and calculate you columns using pandas. When your dataframe is done you can display it using Dash DataTable or AG Grid :slight_smile:

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Hi @martin2097,

plotly hosted a webinare a while ago, I think the video was recorded. If you register, you’ll get the access to the recording if I’m not mistaken.

@adamschroeder also has some videos dealing with Excel:

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That is correct. Thank you @AIMPED

Anyone interested in the streamline excel video just needs to register, and our team will send you the video via email.